Playing With Wolfram Playing Cards

A few weeks ago, I knocked my favorite mug off the counter and it shattered. RIP:

I Heart Mathematica Mug

Like a good consumer, I immediately went to the Wolfram store to buy a replacement, but they no longer make it. They did have a deck of playing cards which promised a unique illustration and generating code on each card. How could I pass it up?

The cards arrived a few days ago and they were way cooler than I imagined. As I flipped through the deck, I realized a lot of the cards would be really interesting as starting points for animations. I’ve been going to town with them and posting to Twitter in an epic thread.

I’ll lay them out here grouped by concept… enjoy!

Just Rotating Squares

Imaginary Numbers



Grand Finale

Thanks for making it this far! Your reward is the K♣:

King of Clubs