Presentation on the Mode Tree at Papers We Love Too

I recently gave a mini talk on The Mode Tree: A Tool for Visualization of Nonparametric Density Features at Papers We Love Too in San Francisco. The talk is just the first 10 minutes:

I did the entire presentation as one huge sequence of animations using D3.js. The Youtube video doesn’t capture the glory that is SVG, so I’ve posted the slides.

I also finally got to apply the technique that I wrote about in my Colorful Equations with MathJax post from over a year ago, only instead of coloring explanatory text, the colors in the accompanying chart match:

$$ \definecolor{kernel}{RGB}{217,86,16} \definecolor{kde}{RGB}{203,23,206} \definecolor{point}{RGB}{18,110,213} \definecolor{width}{RGB}{45,177,93} \color{kde}\hat{f}_{\color{width}h}\color{black}(x) \color{black} = \frac{1}{n\color{width}h}\color{black}\sum\limits_{i=1}^n \color{kernel}K\color{black}(\frac{x-\color{point}X_i}{\color{width}h}) $$

Any questions or feedback on the presentation are welcome… thanks!